Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Kat's Journal of Case 10 The Importance of Being Ernest

First meeting

I first met Miss Layton while being questioned by Inspector Hastings at Scotland Yard.
I was the prime suspect for the theft of Dr Ohm's research papers, but of course I was innocent.
Miss Layton stood up to the police for me.
I thought she was simply marvellous!

To Gressenheller

After she learnt I was a first-year at Gressenheller, Miss Layton said she would accompany me to the university.
She seems to have some business there and thinks she can prove my innocence at the same time!
I wonder if she really can?

Retracing my steps

There were police on campus investigating the crime.
Dr Ohm is world-renowned for his plant-related genetics work.
The missing documents must be rather valuable!
Anyway, Miss Layton wants to help me retrace my movements from earlier in the day.

Rival researchers

According to the police officer we spoke to, Dr Ohm has rivals in his field who could have been responsible for the theft.
But I'm still a prime suspect, apparently.
I'd been enjoying some roses I'd noticed earlier, so we're heading back to the flowerbed now.

Roses and goat manure

The roses are magnificent.
When I'd been looking at them earlier, I'd stepped in some goat's manure and then headed to the goat shed in order to clean my shoe.
Miss Layton seemed a little taken aback, but we're retraching my steps, so...

Chasing the lost cat

The goats on campus are looked after by the students.
Most people really enjoy the animals, although some feed them paper, the wicked rascals!
I remembered that earlier I'd chased after a lost cat, which had taken me back to the flowerbed.
That's our next stop.

In through the window

Earlier that day, the cat had jumped into Dr Ohm's lab through an open window.
I peered in after it, but lost my footing and fell inside.
Miss Layton wanted to blimb in as well, but I managed to stop her, thankfully!
We entered the building via the main doors.

No admittance!

Upon entering the faculty building, Inspector Hastings barred us from setting foot in Dr Ohm's lab, declaring it to be off limits.
But Miss Layton didn't bat an eyelid.
She seems to think she can go over his head somehow.
I'm trailing after her in wonder.

Looking for the dean

It seems Miss Layton's business at Gressenheller was with Dean Delmona himself.
But the dean isn't on campus, so we've left for Scotland Yard, where he's apparently gone himslef.
I can't imagine what Miss Layton could want with the dean.

Permission to investigate

Miss Layton has been granted permission by Dean Delmona himself to investigate anywhere in the university, including Dr Ohm's lab.
Inspector Hastings can't stop us now!
Miss Layton wanted to ask the dean something about her father, it seems.

Dr Ohm's laboratory

Inspector Hastings was forced to allow us into Dr Ohm's laboratory, so we're finally able to search the scene of the crime for clues.
Dr Ohm himself is present!
At last, Miss Layton can properly investigate.

The truth Uncovered

It turns out that Dr Ohm himself was responsible for destroying his own research material, because he realised he would fail to meet the submission deadline for his highly anticipated paper.
So I'm off the hook.
But hooked on Miss Layton.
She's like a dream.