Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

You are able to confirm Walkthrough and Hint Coin.

Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Kat's Journal of Case 05 Ghost Busted

Millionaires' Row at night

Another of the Dragons - Ms Liza Wight - has requested a meeting with me to discuss a case.
For some reason, she's asked us to come after dark.
We've headed to Millionaires' Row now the sun has set, but now we can't find her house.

Arrival at the Wight house

Once again, we've bumped into Emiliana.
It seems she's also been summoned by Ms Wight, so we headed to the residence together.
It's a creepy place.
Or perhaps 'gothic' would be a better word.
No, it's plain creepy.
What will the case be?

Supernatural phenomena?

We've been asked to investigate mysterious happenings at the Wight residence.
I certainly never imagined I would be investigating ghosts.
But it's too fascinating to pass up.
Whatever the truth behind all this is, I'll find it out!

The six Wight House Horrors

According to the butler Wooooster, there are six stories of the supernatural connected with the property, dubbed the 'Wight House Horrors'.
Our first task is to find out about them.
Wooooster told us about 'The Ghosts in the Garden'.
Now for the other five.

Double-up visit

We've found out about the so-called 'Wraith at the Window' and 'Prossessed Puppet'.
So there are three 'horrors' left now.
As we're in the neighbourhood, I've decided we should visit Madame Doublée and see if she knows anythiing useful.

All six horrors

On our short diversion to Madame Doublée's, we learnt about 'The Sealed Cellar', 'The Morbid Mirror', and 'The Searching Soul'.
In other words, we now know of all six Wight House Horrors.
Time to return to the scene and investigate.

Investigating the horrors

Finally armed with accounts of all six Wight House Horrors, we have returned to Liza's house.
We have to solve each mystery in turn by investigating the location where withnesses reported seeing the phenomena.
The first is 'The Ghosts in the Garden'.

The gosts' true nature

The ghosts that appeared in the garden were in fact balloons, and the wraith at the window was just a projected image.
So somebody has set this up, but who?
I don't know for sure yet, but we must investigate the other horrors thoroughly.

Entrance to the sealed cellar

We have ascertained that the 'possessed' puppet was just a wind-up doll, and we have found the entrance to the sealed cellar hidden behind the fireplace in the entrance hall.
What could be lurking in its depths?
There's only on way to find out...

A ghost appears

We found the so-called 'Morbid Mirror' wasn't a supernatural phenomenon at all, but a simple deception.
So far, all five 'horrors' we've investigated have been tricks.
As we turned our attention to the final 'Searching Soul', a ghostly figure appeared before us!

The soul slips away

Following the ghostly white shadow led us to Liza's room.
But when we entered, the ghost had mysteriously vanished.
Where did it appear from, and where did it go to?

Lonely Liza

It turns out Liza was behind all six of the so-called Wight House Horrors.
Lonely, and desperately seeking company, she had concocted everything as a way of getting attention.
Now though, she's made lots of friends with a shared interest in the occult.