Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Daily Puzzles PUZZLE 303 Peg Leg Policy 17

Genre: Peg Leg Policy

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Position the pirates so that there's only one in each boxed-off area.
You must move every pirate whose peg leg will carry him, and you can only move each pirate once.

Pirates can move horizontally or vertically, but only by the number of spaces indicated next to their icons.
When you touch a pirate, the places he can move to are highlighted, so simply touch where you want him to go.
After he's moved, a subsequent touch will send him back.

Pirates without a number cannot be moved, and pirates displaying a '?' can move any number of spaces, or not move at all.
Pirates leave footprints wherever they tread, and no other pirate may cross that path.

Answer for 'Peg Leg Policy 17'

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Answer of Daily Puzzles PUZZLE 303