Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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PUZZLE 049 Hoppy Bunnies

Puzzle Location: Wharf (Benny)

Some rabbits are playing in the field.
The rule is that they have to go between the two other rabbits whenever they move, and it looks like they all want to end up on a patch of flowers.
Help all of the rabbits find their way to some flowers.
Touch a rabbit to see where it can go, and decide which one to move where.
You can't move the same rabbit twice in a row.

Hint 1

If you dash straight for the flowers, it won't end well.
Perhaps a longer route might be better?
This puzzle takes at least five moves to solve.

Hint 2

There's a rabbit on a patch of flowers from the very beginning.
Let's leave him there, shall we?

Hint 3

This puzzle can be solved by taking turns moving the two uppermost rabbits around the edge of the field.

Super Hint

First move the top-right rabbit to the edge, and then move the two rabbits alternately.

Answer for 'Hoppy Bunnies'

The answer is as follows.

1. The rabbit at the top-right move to the bottom-left most.
2. The rabbit at the top move to the bottommost.
3. The rabbit at the left move to the bottom-right most.
4. The rabbit at the bottom-left move to on the flower at the top-right.
5. The rabbit at the bottom move to on the flower at the top.