Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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PUZZLE 110 Top Jockeys

Puzzle Location: The Lucky Clover (The pink jacket)

Four jockeys are talking about the patterns they have on their tops.
Can you work out which pattern they each have?
There are three possible options: star, triangle and diamond.
Touch the jockeys' faces to see what they have to say, and touch their tops to cycle through the different shapes.

Hint 1

Look at the comments to narrow down which shape each person has on their top.
If you look at what D says, you can see that A and D have the same shape, which is either a star or a diamond.

Hint 2

Continuing on from hint one...
If you look at C's comment, you learn that D is not wearing a diamond, so this means that A and D must both be wearing stars.

Hint 3

Continuing on from hint two...
From A's comment, we can work out that B is not wearing a star or a diamond, which means that B must be wearing a triangle.

Super Hint

Let's go over the facts we know so far.
A and D both have stars on their tops, and B has a triangle.
Now we just have to work out what C is wearing.
From B's comment, we know that C is doesn't have a triangle on her top, and from C's comment, we know that she doesn't have a star.
Time to give your answer.

Answer for 'Top Jockeys'

The answer is as follows.