Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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PUZZLE 112 Please the Bees

Puzzle Location: Chancer Lane Corner (The plant on the restaurant roof)

Help the bees by fixing their nest which broke when it fell to the ground.
The nest contains three types of 'room': empty rooms, honey rooms, and children's rooms.
The rooms are not allowed to be adjacent to another room of the same type.
Slide the pieces of the nest into the frame, and touch them if you need to rotate.

Hint 1

The three rooms in the middle of the nest all need to be different.
Keep this is mind as you experiment with placing the pieces in various locations.

Hint 2

There is more than one possible layout, but we'll take an example.
Place the piece with two honey rooms at the top-right of the nest, rotating it so that it fits up to the edge.

Hint 3

Continuing on from hint two...
Then place the piece containing the children's rooms and the honey room at the bottom-right, again rotating so that it fits up to the edge.

Super Hint

Continuing on from hint three...
Then place the last two pieces facing the same way in the remaining empty spaces.

Answer for 'Please the Bees'

The answer is as follows.
Answer PUZZLE 112