Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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PUZZLE 115 Train of Thought

Puzzle Location: Hastings's desk (The right chair)

You're in charge of designing the layout of a train.
At each end of the carriages is an interconnecting doorway, and if you placed seats inside carriages with no gaps, you could fit eight rows of seats with four seats in each now.
You have a budget of £30,000 per carriage for seats, and one seat costs £1000.
What is the maximum number of seats you can sensibly place in each carriage?

Hint 1

Keep in mind the dimensions and the budget, and work out how many seats you can fit.

Hint 2

You could physically fit 32 seats in the carriage, and you have the budget for 30, but you can't just place the seats like that.
Something important is missing.

Hint 3

There's an interconnecting doorway at each end of the carriage.
The carriage needs to have an aisle.
If you place seats in every space with no gaps, there's no room for an aisle.

Super Hint

If you allow space for an aisle to join up with the interconnecting doorways, you need one empty row going all along the carriage.
In other words, you need to remove eight seats.

Answer for 'Train of Thought'

The answer is '24'.