Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

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Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

PUZZLE 129 Light Security 2

Puzzle Location: Campus (The window in the top-right)

There's a mysterious thief after the treasure!
Keep the jewels safe by activating the security system.
Surround the two jewels with lit up panels to protect them.
Touching a panel makes it light up red.
Then, when the system is activated, the adjacent panel in the direction of that arrow lights up, and this continues until there are no more panels in the sequence.
Which panel needs to be lit up first?

Hint 1

Choose any panel you like and follow the arrows to see the route it would take.
If it doesn't enclose the treasure, look for a panel that points to the one you originally chose, and try to extend the perimeter.
Continue with this approach and see where it gets you.

Hint 2

The first panel is on the left- hand side of the grid.

Hint 3

The first panel is on the top half of the grid.

Super Hint

The first panel is on the third row from the top.
Now use the information in the previous hints to narrow down the answer.

Answer for 'Light Security 2'

The answer is 'In the second from the left, In the third from the top'.