Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

The newest Professor Layton series released!!

Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

You are able to confirm Walkthrough and Hint Coin.

Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Case 10 The Importance of Being Ernest

Hastings's desk

Answer PUZZLE 124.
Touch the lighting on the ceiling and anser PUZZLE 125.
Touch the bottom-left box and get Collection 'Seasonal Sweater'.

Hint coins
The right shelf.
The clock.
The lighting of the bookshelf side.

Reception area

Talk to PC Beate and answer PUZZLE 126.

Hint coins
The lighting on the ceiling.
The right lighting.
The left locker.

Scotland Yard

Touch the clock tower and answer PUZZLE 127, and get Ideal Meal's recipe 'Sticky toffee pudding'.

Hint coins
The left flag.
The right flag.
The symbol in the top of the entrance.

Outside Gressenheller

Touch the window of building in the right and get Collection 'Crusty Old Car'.
Talk to Benny and answer PUZZLE 128.
Talk to PC Beate and get the clue 'High-profile research'.

Hint coins
The right chimney.
The left plant.
The center of the building.


Touch the window in the top-right and answer PUZZLE 129.
Talk to DC Booker and get the clue 'Rivals in same field'.

Hint coins
The door of the door side.
The window in the top-left of the building.
The plant in the central.

Flower bed

Touch the plants in the bottom-right and answer PUZZLE 130, and get the clue 'Stunning roses'.
Touch The purple flowers in the back and answer PUZZLE 131.
Talk to Shadee.

Hint coins
The red flowers in the right.
The yellow flowers in the center.
The chimney.

Goat shed

Touch the goat on the roof and answer PUZZLE 133, and get Ideal Meal's recipe 'Clam and porcini chowder'.
Talk to Billy and answer PUZZLE 132, and get the clue 'Adorable goats'.
Touch the goat in the front.

Hint coins
The roof of goat's nest.
The water spot.
The fences in the front.

Flower bed

Touch the right window.


Touch the bulletin board on the 2nd floor and answer PUZZLE 134.
Touch the paper in the left of the bulletin board on the 1st floor and get Collection 'Classic Carving'.

Hint coins
The bulletin board on the 1st floor in the left of the stair.
The sign on the 2nd floor of the room.


Talk to DC Booker.

Reception area

Talk to Dean Delmona and answer PUZZLE 135.

Research laboratory

Touch the flask on the right shelf and answer PUZZLE 137.
Touch the plants on the shelf in the right and get Collection 'Vicious Veg'.
Touch the window and get the clue 'View from window'.
Touch the book on the desk.
Talk to Dr Ohm and answer PUZZLE 136, and get the clue 'Act of providence'.

Hint coins
The plants in the center.
The plant on the shelf in the left.
The shelf in the right.

After the episode

Touch Yapper in Campus and answer PUZZLE 138.
Touch Patch in Flower bed and answer PUZZLE 139.