Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

You are able to confirm Walkthrough and Hint Coin.

Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Case 12 Diamonds Aren't Forever

Entrance hall

Touch the lighting in the top-right of the stair and get Collection 'Loveable Lake-dweller'.
Touch The left iron of the blue door and answer PUZZLE 157.
Touch the contract.

Hint coins
The lighting on the left wall.
The lighting in the right of the stair.
The right lighting in the top-center. (10 pieces)

The Rosenberg Room

Touch the candlestick and get Collection 'Yo-kai Watch'.
Touch the clock and answer PUZZLE 159.
Touch to Mr Sloanes and Mr Chance, and touch the stained glass.
Touch the left luggage and anser PUZZLE 158, and get the clue 'Rosenberg'.

Hint coins
The left crystal of the clock.
The terrestrial globe.
The left chair.

The Treasury

Touch the bottom-right of the sofa and get Collection 'Eerie Aureate Effigy'.
Talk to Liza and Mr Fullhold, and Touch the jewellery box in front of the mirror.
Touch the decanter on the table and answer PUZZLE 160, and get the clue 'Treasury'.

Hint coins
The topside of the left shelf.
The right lighting.
The topside of the cartain in the center-right.

The Hope Room

Touch the left clock and get Collection 'Pretty Plume Pen'.
Touch the Chandelier and anser PUZZLE 162.
Talk to Mayor Lowonida and Phlneas, and touch the desk in front.
Touch the chair and answer PUZZLE 161, and get the clue 'Hope'.

Hint coins
The topside of the right shelf.
The left lighting.
The topside of the mirror.

The Treachery

Touch the picture in the shape of the circle and answer PUZZLE 164.
Talk to Madame DoubleƩe, and touch the picture in the center and in the right.
Touch The picture in the center and answer PUZZLE 163, and get the clue 'Treachery'.

Hint coins
The left bottle.
The turned off lighting of chandelier.
The right lighting.

The Road to Ruin

Touch the rubble on the floor in the right and answer PUZZLE 165.
Touch the iron fence in the right.

Hint coins
The left lighting.
The left wall.
The right bottle.

Richmond's study

Touch the tools and answer PUZZLE 166.
Touch to The old telephone on the desk, The letters on the desk, and Writing on the wall.
Touch the bookshelf so zoom, and touch the book and touch red, blue, green, purple order.
Touch the moved wall and get the clue 'Events of ten years earlier'.

Hint coins
The top-left lighting.
The left book.
The machine in the left of the chair.

Child's bedroom

Touch the toy car on the small desk and answer PUZZLE 168.
Touch the picture books on the desk and answer PUZZLE 167, and get the clue 'Adamas's true identity'.

Hint coins
The plane model.
The topside of the bookshelf.
The drawer of the desk.

After the episode

Touch Stripey in The Road to Ruin and answer PUZZLE 169.
Touch Patch in Richmond's study and answer PUZZLE 170.
Touch the left side ob the sofa in the Layton Detective Agency and get Collection 'Baby Bike'.