Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

The newest Professor Layton series released!!

Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

You are able to confirm Walkthrough and Hint Coin.

Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Case 08 The Goddess of the Thames

Ship corridor

Talk to Bob Bracket and answer PUZZLE 096.

Hint coins
The poster on tha right wall.
The door knob of the left door.
The left lighting.

De luxe standard-class cabin

Touch The lighting of the right bed and answer PUZZLE 097.

Hint coins
The lighting of the left bed
The flower pot in the center
The lighting on the ceiling

Standard class cabin

Touch The right shelf and answer PUZZLE 098, and get Ideal Meal's recipe 'Frozen lemon tart'.
Move to The deck.

Hint coins
The picture on the right wall.
The lighting on the ceiling.
The lighting of the left bed.

The deck

Answer PUZZLE 099.
Touch The small pipe in the right and get Collection 'Stinky Sea Stones'.

Hint coins
The central of the flag in the center.
The big pipe in the left. (10 pieces)
The big pipe in the right.

The grand lounge

Touch The lighting in the left of the ceiling and get Collection 'Deity Deck Card.
Touch to Gold-plated statue and Tower of dishes on the right table.

Hint coins
The lighting of the ceiling.
The lighting of the stair landing in the left.
The bottommost of the handrail of the stair in the right.

The engine room

Touch The machine in the upside of the boiler and get Collection 'Bubble Blaster'.
Touch The right machine and answer PUZZLE 100.
Touch The right ladder and answer PUZZLE 101.

Hint coins
The bottom-right bubble.
The top-right lighting.
The measuring instrument of machine in the second from the left.

The grand lounge

Talk to Mr Fullhold.

The bridge

Touch the right-bottom red button and answer PUZZLE 102.
Talk to Abel Seamon and Captain Pullman, and get the clue 'Crane key'.

Hint coins
The lighting on the ceiling.
The measuring instrument in the back.
The black circle thing in the top-right.

The engine room

Touch The red button of the pillar in the left and get the clue 'Engine room power switch'.
Talk to Declan Swabber.

The deck

Happen event.

De luxe first-class cabin

Touch The map on the wall and answer PUZZLE 103, and get Ideal Meal's recipe 'Jinhua ham soup', and get the clue 'Treasure beneath the waves'.
Touch The ship model and answer PUZZLE 104.

Hint coins
The flower pot on the table.
The fruits on the table.
The lighting on the table.

The bridge

Touch the speaking tubes in center and answer PUZZLE 105, and get the clue 'Speaking tubes'.

The grand lounge

Get the clue 'Engine at full throttle'.
Touch The right table meat and answer PUZZLE 106.
Touch The top of the tower of dishes and The decoration jelly, and get the clue 'Fallen angel'.

After the episode

Talk to Bo Bells in De luxe standard-class cabin and answer PUZZLE 107.
Talk to Mr Rector in The engine room and answer PUZZLE 108.