Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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Kat's Journal of Case 01 The Hand That Feeds

Missing clock hand

Things are hectic at the agency already, and I've only just hung the sign!
An amnesic talking dog, Sherl, wants me to discover his true identity.
And Inspector Hastings was hot on his heels with an ugrent case: One of the hands of Big Ben is missing.

When the hand was stolen

According to the inspector, the hand went missing sometime in a roughly six-hour window betwen 11:50 last night and 6:00 this morning.
Unfortunately, we have no withnesses.
We'll ask the officers investigating the scene what they know and go from there.

Metal theft in the capital

The police are continuing their own investigation at the Elizabeth Tower.
They say there has been a spate of metal thefts in the capital recently.
We also learnt that the clock tower was completely empty last night.
Time to go in and investigate for ourselves, I think.

Hans Lipski, the serviceman

Inside the clockroom, which houses the great clock mechanism, we met serviceman Hans Lipski, who claims he left the tower early yesterday evening.
No sign of breaking and entering or theft at all.
We must consult the police officers again.

No traces of anything

Inspector Hastings also scoured the clockroom, but found no trace of the intruder or the missing hand.
He apparently took samples from the room and the clock face, which are currently being analysed.
I've decided we should return to Chancer Lane for now.

Resaurant of Chancer Lane

Lots of lovely shops on Chancer Lane.
I decided we should take a break from the grind of the case for lunch at a restaurant.
It seems cutlery has been going missing from there recently.
More metal theft.
Now full, we are heading to Lipski's pâtisserie for dessert.

Lipski's pâtisserie

Aleks Lipski, who owns the pâtisserie, is the twin brother of Hans, the serviceman from the clock tower.
His shop is full of extremely realistic edible models of different items.
We also pieced together a drawing from some ripped-up paper found in the bin.

Puddle on the pavement

We tried to visit The Lucky Clover, a boutique next to the agency, but sadly, it was closed.
There was a large puddle on the pavement by the door, however.
It seems it rained heavily in the night, though I slept through it.
Could this be significant?

Soggy wafer hand

The missing hand was not stolen at all.
Hans Lipski, the serviceman, dropped the hand by mistake, and when he discovered it was broken, asked his brother, Aleks, to fashion a new one out of wafer.
Unfortunately, it melted away in the overnight rain.