Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

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Kat's Journal of Case 02 Murder on the Thames

Murder? Or...

Sherl, the homeless amnesic dog, is going to stay at the agency for a while.
It seems we're going to be busy on another case.
Inspector Hastings called, so we're heading so Scotland Yard.
I've had to abandon plans to visit the Riverside Festival tonight.

Incident at the festival

According to Dert, the reporter, something happened at the Riverside Festival grounds, but the police haven't issued a formal statement yet.
It could be a murder, but we're still not sure.
Let's see what Inspector Hastings has to say.

Missing couple

It seems a man known only as Tim was pushed into the river, while a woman known only as Vic threw herself in.
Both are missing.
The police are also unclear about the precise details, so we're off to seek answers from the person who requested the investigation.

The Legend of the Thames

It seems London's Mayor Lowonida personally requested Inspector Hastings for the case.
She explained that the so-called Legend of the Thames describes a man being pushed and a woman throwing herself into the river.
Did the culprit mimic this deliberately?

Criminal profiler, Perfetti

A woman I ditn't know came up to me and branded me a 'so-called detective'.
Apparently she's Emiliana Perfetti, an highly talented criminal profiler from Scotland Yard.
Anyway, moving on...
Time to visit the the Thames and the scene of the crime.

Packed festival crowds

There are scores of people at the grounds of the Riverside Festival along the banks of the Thames.
It seems the incident and its similarity to the Legend of the Thames has sparked a lot of interest in the festival.
We'll investigate the opposite bank next.

The wide river

We met a witness of both incidents, but he couldn't make out the person who pushed the make victim into the river on the opposite bank.
I had Ernest go over there to verify this and it's true.
Now back to Chancer Lane to ask people about the victims.

Two stage performers

According to people on Chancer Lane, the missing pair are stage performers.
No one knew of any particular difficulties or problems in their lives.
Strangely, no one seems to think they were a couple, either.
Were they lovers at all?

Lowonida's unexpected past

At The Lucky Clover, we found out that though cool and collected now, Mayor Lowonida was once something of a party animal, and that it would be no exaggeration to say she became mayor solely to rejuvenate the festival.
It's time to talk to her again!

Emiliana's theory

From reports that the mayor knew the missing couple, Emiliana has surmised that Lowonida is behind the crime.
But our profiling expect can't establish motive, and admits that a clear profile of the criminal is not forthcoming.

Festival success

The incident mimicking the Legend of the Thames was an elaborate act orchestrated by Mayor Lowonida and carried out by the stage performers.
It's made this year's festival a fuge success, and secured the event's future.