Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

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Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Kat's Journal of Case 07 Ratman Returns

Investigating for the chief ed

The chief editor of the London Times is our client this time.
The London Times is a serious paper, but publishes a variety of more unusual stories as well.
I've been reading it for years.
I wonder what the editor wants us to investigate.

Ratman's disappearance

It seems London Times chief editor Tobooras Lloyd wants us to investigate the reason behind the disappearance of the mysterious superhero, Ratman, who hasn't been seen for three months now.
Who could be behind the mask?
Who could this powermouse of justice be?

Lloyd and Chance

The London Times is owned by a Mr Cesar Chance, one of the seven Dragons, and a childhood friend of Lloyd, the editor.
Despite being friends, Chance seems to think this investigation is pointless.
He thinks we should be chasing new news, not old heroes.

Appearing unexpectedly

We began our investigations in front of the London Times offices, where we ran into a journalist who follows Ratman closely and seems to appear as unexpectedly as a superhero himself.
It seems many London Times readers enjoy Ratman articles.

Ratman's stomping ground

We managed to find somebody who'd actually met Ratman.
Three months ago, some muggers tried to take his money when the superhero appeared and saved the day.
It seems Bowlyn Hill is where Ratman is seen most frequently.
We're on our way there.

Threatening letter

Upon arrival in Bowlyn Hill, a young boy passed us a letter that threatened to make us disappear like Ratman has if we pursue this case any further.
Who could be behind this?
And is Ratman really gone for good?

Ratman's courageous deeds

In the backstreets of Bowlyn Hill, we found another person who had been helped by Ratman.
But again, that was three months ago, with no sightings since.
We also learnt that apparently Mr Chance is often seen in Boylyn Hill.

Life-changing event

The man we thought might attack us was actually a reformed crook, set straight by Ratman.
The last time he sawa the superhero, Ratman announced he was facing a life-changing event before disappearing into the shadows.
What could it have been?

Mouse hunt

While searching for clues about Ratman's whereabouts down a dark, dead-end backstreet of Bowlyn Hill.
We found our next lead - a mouse.
That led us swiftly to an old tailor's shop.

The tailor's Ratman suit

Unbelievably, we discovered a Ratman suit in the tailor's.
Irritatingly, though, she won't disclose who asked her to look after it.
She's also roped us into delivering a package to Mr Chance.
So it's back to the London Times offices for now.

Ratman is...

It turns out Ratman is really Cesar Chance!
Apparently, he decided to assume the superhero role to increase sales of his paper and magazines.
But three months ago, he had a baby and had to hang up his costume.
I've suggested franchising the Ratman brand.