Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer

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Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Answer.

Answer of Puzzle Index, and hint 1 to Special Hint!!

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Ideal Meal, Passers Buy, Hound in the Pound too.

Kat's Journal of Case 08 The Goddess of the Thames

The luxury Thametanic

We've arrived at the wharf ready to board the luxury cruise ship Thametanic on her maiden voyage.
The tickets were kindly given to us by Madame Doublée.
Inspector Hastings and Emiliana are also on the guest list.

Welcome on the deck

After a welcoming from ship's captain Midas Pullman, we then met the owner of the Thametanic, Mustafa Fullhold - another of the Dragons.
We are already well on our way down the Thames estuary, and the party will start once we reach open sea.

Party time

The party to celebrate the maiden voyage of the Thamestanic is underway.
The food on offer is nothing short of a feast, and the venue is lavishly decorated, with an enormous golden goddess statue presiding over us all.

Angel treasure hunt

Fullhold has organised a game for his guests: Finding angel figurines hidden around the ship.
Whoever finds all four winds a bidding slip to participate in an auction for the Golden Goddess.
Inspector Hastings and Emiliana are clearly excited by the idea, and so am I!

Missing statue

First stop on the angel hunt was the engine room.
I managed to find the hidden figurine.
But when we returned to the lounge, the enormous goddess statue was no longer there!
We've joined forces with the inspector and Emiliana to investigate.

The statue and the crane

According to crew members on the bridge, the statue was put in place using the ship's crane, but the crane is not easily operated.
The possibility of this being a revenge attack on Fullhold has also been suggested.

The crane mystery

According to the ship's engineer, operating the crane requires a key from the captain and a power switch to be flicked in the engine room, while the actual controls for the crane are on the bridge.
How could anyone have managed to use the machine?

Angel hunt resumed

I had an idea and asked Mr Fullhold to resume the game of hunting for the angel figurines.
He was surprised, but agreed to do as I asked.
The next angel was hidden in the first-class accommodation.
I found it behind a navigation chart on the wall.

In the speaking tubes

We've arrived on the bridge in the hunt for the third angel.
I've already located it inside one of the speaking tubes used by the crew to communicate with each other around the vessel.
Only one angel to go!
It's somewhere in the grand lounge.

Location of the last angel

The final angel was supposed to be hidden inside a decoration on top of a tiered tower of platters.
Fullhold seemed stunned that the angel, too, had gone missing, but I know where it is.
It's time to reveal the answer.

The goddess in the sea

It turns out Captain Pullman and his crew hoisted the Golden Goddess from the ship with the crane, and sank it into the sea on a rope, to be towed back to shore.
Pullman wanted to buy back his precious SS Midas Touch.
But he'll be captaining her anyway!